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My day in review:

  • 08:23 Okay. It's been a shitty week (hell, a shitty year; broken arms, anyone?) but I'm done moping about it. Time for something new. #
  • 08:54 Perhaps even something ... X-TREME!!! FUCK YEAH!

    (I dunno) #
  • 16:20 Sometimes it's enough to just smile at a stranger and get a smile back. #
  • 21:30 Just watched the second-to-last Glee. WHAT WILL I DO UNTIL APRIL? #
  • 21:31 Oh yeah, and I didn't write tonight. Shocking, I know. #
  • 22:52 I wonder if my neighbors are bothered by my singing. #
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I ain't the worst that you've seen

NO WRITING TONIGHT. Ugh, what is wrong with me?

At least my desk is how I like it.

Watched this week's Glee, though. Really great episode. The juxtaposition of the sheer fun of "Jump", and the following (emotionally wrenching and wonderfully shot/acted) scene was really brilliant and powerful. And the injustice of Will's exclusion from Sectionals -- especially considering what he's going through at home -- was brutal. Sue is teetering on the edge of being a real villain, rather than a delightful foil. Next week's mid-season finale should be a winner.

BUT WHAT WILL I DO UNTIL APRIL? Oh, right. Glee-themed drinking games with Megan!

Anyhow, I didn't write, like I said, but I did a sketch. I was going to "ink" and clean it up in Photoshop, but I ain't got those skills yet. So you get the messy version:

Based on this picture.

Tomorrow is Friday! I could certainly stand to do some overtime at work this weekend (both in terms of easing my workload and earning a few extra ducats), but no. Gonna catch up on my sleep, write, and hang out with anyone who feels like hanging out (assuming I'm not in some kind of novel-writing fugue state, which may happen).

One sunny morning we'll rise, I know

Here's that color personality test thing I've seen a few of you do. I've bolded the stuff that's more or less right, and I've italicized the stuff that's way off-base.

Name: Matthew
Date: 12/3/2009
Colorgenics Number: 12075634

You are the sort of person that needs a peaceful environment. You seek release from stress and freedom from conflicts and disagreements, of which you seem to have had more than your fair share. But you are taking pains to control the situation by proceeding cautiously and you are right in doing so as you are a very sensitive person.

The way things are you are under considerable stress and you feel that there is little hope of matters righting themselves. Everyone about you seems to aggravate the problem even more. You feel that at this time you need to be alone and you are right - move back and give yourself a chance to breathe.

Being a very proud individual, you tend to hold yourself aloof pretending that you are stoical - indifferent to pain and pleasure. This is not so, for in truth you are an extremely emotional individual, one that may make a hasty decision and perhaps regret it at leisure. It is time now to break the bond of detachment and be the 'you' that you would like to be - give vent to your emotions and enjoy yourself.

All of the stress and strains resulting from disappointment have led to agitation and anxiety. You have been going out of your way to make a good impression, but you have reservations as to the likelihood of succeeding. You feel that you have a right to accomplish all that you set your mind on but you have become helpless and distressed when circumstances have gone against you. The idea of failure is most upsetting and this can even mean utter dejection. You see yourself as a scapegoat and you feel everyone in your sphere of influence has tried to take undue advantage of you. You are trying to convince yourself that your failure to achieve standing and recognition is not of your making but indeed of those around you.

Since in the recent past all of your hopes and aspirations have been denied you, you are now convinced that the future will hold nothing but anxiety so therefore 'why bother?' You would love to get away from it all, to escape from the trials and tribulations of this mundane existence and fall into a peaceful and harmonious relationship, which will protect you from the lack of appreciation and give you the chance to start afresh.

So yeah. Hit-or-miss enough -- and general enough -- that I call bullshit.

Been reorganizing my workspace as a way to procrastinate so that I can turn on the baseboard heater behind my desk, and also free up some space, to boot. I think I like the new configuration, though it leaves less space for the pappa-san. I do, however, now have room for a potted plant! Plus, I think this configuration will work better for when I get the new display in the spring.

Okay. Dinner. And then ... maybe ... writing? Maybe? Please?


I don't know who I'm saying "please" to. Myself, I guess.

Should be more like:


Sliding backwards

Considered staying in bed and calling in sick today. Not that I'm sick, but I kinda wish I had, regardless.

This week has been pretty shitty on all fronts. Don't feel like going into the dramatic bits, but APART from all that, I haven't been getting much sleep, I haven't been doing any writing, I haven't been getting any exercise, and my back has been killing me.

Whine, whine, whine, I know. I'm just hoping I can turn things around tonight and this weekend. Last night I moved some wires so that I can actually run the heater in my living room, which will hopefully make my evenings a little less grim. Tonight I'll do laundry and clean the kitchen and try to write, and this weekend I'll get caught up on my sleep and clean the apartment and write a bunch of words -- hopefully enough to make it to those two magic ones. And next week I'll get enough sleep and exercise and eat right and have plenty of energy and not worry about girl drama and write stories for RaTs and everything will be wonderful.


My day in review:

  • 07:25 Can't stop listening to songs from HAIR. I guess my hippy transformation is complete? #
  • 16:27 Gorgeous night. Clear enough to see Mt. Hood AND Mt. St. Helens. #
  • 20:38 Writing ... doesn't seem to be happening tonight. Goddamnit. #
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Listening for the new told lies

Here is another Hilarity Ensues sketch:

I am thinking that if I keep doing these and posting them, shame alone will force me to be a better artist. This one's not bad, but his head is way too big for his body, and I didn't even try with his hands. Also, he was originally looking at Elisabeth, but she looked truly awful, and so I cropped her out of this scan.

Still! It's obviously Aaron.

I am far too depressed lazy to make food. I really wanted Taco Bell, but I didn't want to venture out that far, so I settled for frozen chicken strips from Safeway. Oven's pre-heating now, oh boy!

And after I eat, some writing, maybe? My back feels okay tonight, so there won't be a pain pill excuse. Unless I just take one for fun.

Also, guys, guys, seriously, guys, I cannot stop listening to this song.

Not a list of resolutions

Some interesting results from yesterday's poll. More people than I expected are hoping I will cry havoc if my novel isn't published, Hilarity Ensues isn't as popular a project as I'd thought, and there seems to be a strong push for me to become a porn mogul.

Also, you all seem to think that I should celebrate finishing my first draft by hiring a hooker. I'm trying not to take this as commentary on my chances of getting laid otherwise.

In any case, Ashley suggested we post 2010 project lists, and while it feels a little like a list of NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS (and how passé is THAT, I mean REALLY), I thought it might actually be a good way to focus myself. Because dang I need some focus. And it's about time I had a good year.

So, without further ado:

Project list for 2010

To write:

  • At least 52 Blinded by the Light short stories for RATS
  • Blinded by the Light: Volume One script
  • Hilarity Ensues, through the end of Chapter Three (at least!)
  • Six short film screenplays

To revise:
  • One untitled fantasy/western novel which is nearing completion now

To learn:
  • Piano / basic music theory
  • Drawing
  • Film history
  • Knitting

To do:
  • Start sending my novel to agents and/or publishers, once it's gone through at least two revisions
  • Relaunch Hilarity Ensues
  • Start taking pictures again (once I have a decent display)
  • Make at least one short film (provided I can get a decent camera by year's end)
  • Exercise more
  • Eat better

To not do:

  • Break any bones
  • Date

Ambitious? Yes, of course. Do-able? Totally.

My day in review:

  • 13:31 Pro tip: Telling yourself that you're not going to let something bother you DOESN'T ACTUALLY WORK. #
  • 13:51 In happier news, I'm looking forward to writing tonight! Haven't had a proper writing session for a whole week. #
  • 14:10 This sounds arrogant, but I really hope my novel gets made into a movie someday, because some of the stuff I'm writing would look AMAZING. #
  • 15:10 Oh fucking hell what is the matter with my back #
  • 16:53 Home. Waiting for pain meds (left over from my arms) to work on my back. Hoping they don't make me too groggy to write. #
  • 17:20 Woah. Pain meds working. Feeling kinda woozy. Should have probably eaten something first. Also, my back STILL fucking hurts! #
  • 19:36 Okay. Food consumed, head less woozy, back not hurting. Writing? Writing! #
  • 20:09 Umm okay maybe writing is not happening after all #painmedswooo #
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Drawing lessons? PSHAW


Okay, maybe not.

I took a pain pill (left over from my arms) for my back, but I forgot to eat first, and so now my head feels like it's floating off my shoulders. WHY IS THIS PIZZA TAKING SO LONG TO COOK?

I'm a little woozy, but I think after I eat I will have a go at writing! It's been a week since I've had a proper writing session (that is to say, in my own home; not in an airport or at my parents cluttered desk on their aging computer) and I miss it. Plus you may have gathered that I AM IMPATIENT TO FINISH MY NOVEL.

Wow, soooo hungry. C'moooooon, oven!

POLL: Novel edition!

Poll #1492965 POLL: Novel edition!

What should I do when I finally finish my novel, guys?

Hire a prostitute
Get drunk and hire a prostitute
Enjoy a quiet evening at home
Throw a huge party
Wait, you don't know enough people to throw a huge party. Have an intimate gathering!
"Intimate" gathering, eh? Heh heh!
Get to work on your next project, you fucking slacker.

Is it weird that I'm (hopefully) within a week of finishing something I've been working on for almost a decade and I don't even have a working title?

Why bother calling it anything? It's not like anyone's gonna publish it.
Of course it'll get published, but your editor / publisher will come up with a good title for you. It's what they do!

Am I deluding myself, thinking that someone will take a chance on an untried, unpublished writer?

Of course not! First-time writers get book deals all the time!
It's a long shot, but you never know!
Absolutley. Get some short stories under your belt before you even THINK about submitting your novel for publication.
Wait, you think that crap you're writing will get PUBLISHED?

What should I do if no one wants to publish my novel?

Kill yourself.
Shoot up a mall and then kill yourself before the cops arrive.
Move back in with your parents.
Write something else, jackass.

Once I do finish my novel, what project should I devote my attention to next?

Blinded by the Light
Hilarity Ensues
Untitled original movie musical
Untitled romance novel (I do seriously have an idea for one)
Becoming a porn mogul


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